u know yr fucked when someone is so fine u can’t even look at them directly u gotta glance at them out of the corner of your eye like yr lookin at the sun

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Me when i meet someone with a big booty!

Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins. The most comforting beauty advice I’ve ever been given. (via cinniie)

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I like you because I can never stay mad at you, I can’t stand not talking to you and I can’t stand the thought of losing you. (via hervana)

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People who are intimidated by you talk bad about you with hopes that others won’t find you so appealing. (via sexual-feelings)

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How fucked up is the entire concept of The Parent Trap? These parents have twins but want a divorce so they decide their best course of action is to just each take one and never speak to each other again. 

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do you ever see an opinion that’s so terrible that you actually feel bad for that person’s brain

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the only boys i need in my life:

  • michael (kors)
  • christian (dior/louboutin)
  • jimmy (choo)
  • louis (vuitton)
  • tommy (hilfiger)
  • yves (saint-laurent)
  • giorgio (armani)
  • louis-francois (cartier)

the only boys yall can afford


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Just know that I love you. I love you with all of my fucked up, piece of shit heart. (via sharleex3)

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The thought of you with someone else makes me want to rip my eyes out. My thoughts (via soulsscrawl)

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